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After receiving multiple requests for some seminars and publications, several are now available for download. For items with a hyperlink, right click and choose "Save Target As..." or the equivalent for your browser.

Please note that several of the downloads are in Microsoft PowerPoint slide show format that is password protected against changes (not viewing). This format may only work on PowerPoint in a Windows environment. Some versions of Powerpoint for Mac can not able to handle the difference between a presentation that is protected against changes and a presentation that needs a password to be viewed. Embedded Power Labs apologizes for any inconvenience but this is a known Microsoft issue.

Refereed And Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Recent Developments In GaAs Power Switching Devices Including Device Modeling, APEC 2014 (Principal Co-Author)
  • The gFET™ Switch: A New Low Voltage High Speed GaAs HEMT For Switching Applications, APEC 2013 (Principal Co-Author)
  • Practical Issues In Monitoring And Reporting Input And Output Power, IEEE Control And Modeling In Power Electronics Workshop (COMPEL 2010)
  • Sampling And Averaging Considerations For Measuring AC Input Power, APEC 2009
  • Data Communications Issues For Digital Power Management, APEC 2007 (Principal Co-Author)
  • Configuring Systems For Operation From Three Phase Power, APEC 2007 (Principal Co-Author)
  • Understanding And Using PMBus™ Data Formats, APEC 2006 (Co-Author)
  • Electrical Isolation Requirements In Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), APEC 2006
  • Using Redundant DC Power In High Availability Systems, APEC 2006
  • Digital Power System Management, APEC 2005
  • Using On-Board Power Systems, Intelec 2004
  • Cost Effective Embedded Energy Systems, Intelec 2004
  • Emerging On-Board Power Architectures, APEC 2003
  • Computers In The Central Office - A Primer On Powering Equipment From -48 V, APEC '98
  • Principles Of Fault Tolerance, APEC '96 (Principal co-author)
  • Fault Tolerance In Distributed Power Systems, European Power Electronics Conference EPE '95
  • How To Select DC-DC Converters, APEC '95
  • Constant Power Limiter: A Linear Approximation, APEC '94
  • Futurebus+ Power Requirements, APEC '93
  • Component Tolerance And Circuit Performance: A Case Study, APEC '93
  • An Introduction To Six Sigma With A Design Example, APEC '92
  • Isolated Feedback For Off-Line Switching Power Supplies With Primary Side Control, APEC '88 (Co-Author)
  • Integration of the Power Electronics Design Process with Computers, APEC '87


Any of these seminars can presented to your organization upon request. The content can be adjusted and updated as needed to best fit your organization's training needs.

Other Significant Publications

  • Introduction To The AVSBus, 2015 IBM Power Symposium
  • Benefits Of Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Control, Microchip Technology MASTERs Conference, 2013 (Co-presenter)
  • Digital Power, PSMA Power Technology Roadmap Report 2013 (Chapter)
  • Application Trends: Communications Segment Overview, PSMA Power Technology Roadmap Report 2011 (Chapter)
  • High Step-Down Ratio Buck Converters With eGaN® Devices,, November 2010 (co-author)
  • A New Method Of Monitoring And Reporting Average Input Power, Darnell Power Forum 2010
  • Digital Power: After The Hype, Invited Presentation, APEC 2010 Plenary Session
  • PMBus™ – Coming To A Server Near You, IBM 2009 Power And Cooling Symposium
  • PMBus™ Overview And Examples, Embedded Power Conference 2008 (Co-author)
  • Presentation Tips And Tricks, IEEE Denver PELS Meetings, November 2006
  • Sampling And Averaging Considerations For Measuring Input Power, IBM 2007 Power And Cooling Symposium
  • Digital Control Concepts For Power Supply Engineers, Darnell Digital Power Forum 2006
  • Basic Concepts of Digital Control for Power Supply Engineers, IBM 2006 Power And Cooling Symposium
  • PMBus™ - Enabling Intelligent Power System Management, Darnell Digital Power Forum 2006
  • Managing Blade Power With The PMBus™ Protocol, Server Blade Summit 2005
  • Considerations For A Power System Management Protocol, Darnell Digital Power Forum, 2004
  • Design Of The Futurebus+ 2.1 V Terminator Supply And Distribution, EDN, 26 May 94, (Co-author)


  • Adaptive AC Power Exchanger, #9331566, 2016, Co-inventor. Describes an invention offering an advantageous method of providing well-regulated ac power from a poorly regulated ac power source of a different frequency. Embodied in the PowerXchanger products sold by Adaptive Frequency.
  • Semiconductor Junction Temperature Emulator, #4669025, 1987, Co-inventor. Describes a way to do closed loop thermal control of an electronic system using a simple constant power dissipater.
  • An Electrical Device With A Leaded Cell Assembly, #6429507, 2002, Co-inventor. Describes a unique packaging of power semiconductors to increase the conversion density of a power converter.

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